Wood Fencing And How To Maintain It To Reduce Wear And Discoloration

One of the most versatile and attractive materials to use of a custom fence is wood, but it also needs maintenance. Good maintenance and staining will help to prevent problems with discoloration and ensure your fence lasts. The following advice will help with the maintenance of your wood fencing to reduce wear and prevent discoloration:

Choosing Durable Wood Materials to Use for Your New Fence Installation

There are many choices of wood fencing materials, but some will be more durable than others. Use materials like cedar and tropical hardwoods for a natural wood look with materials that are resistant to wear. If you want materials that are low maintenance and more durable, composite lumber is another good choice to use for your new wood fence. The most affordable materials will be pressure treated lumber, but they are going to need more maintenance.

Keeping Your Fence Clean and Free of Dirt That Can Cause Problems with Wear

The dirt that splashes up on wood fencing can cause problems with wear and discoloration. Therefore, you want to have solutions that help reduce wear and keep the fence clean, such as a ground cover. Routinely cleaning the fence to remove dirt, dust, and pollen will also help to reduce wear, fungus, and problems with discoloration.

Using the Right Color and Type of Stain and Sealant to Protect Your Wood Fence

The color you choose for the stain and sealant of your wood fence can also make a difference with fading or discoloration. Use darker stains for lighter colored wood to reduce the discoloration that happens as they age. In addition, use a stain and sealant that is designed for exteriors to ensure it protects your home from rain and UV light that causes fading.

Dealing with Problems of Discoloration and Maintaining Your Fence Regularly

Even with a good maintenance routine, your fence will eventually fade and become discolored. Pressure washing the fence will help give the wood its natural color back. When you clean the fence with a pressure washer, it is a good time to add a fresh coat of stain and sealant to protect it for a few more years.

These are some maintenance tips to help deal with problems with wood fencing and prevent problems like discoloration. If you want to have a new and attractive custom fence installed, contact a wood fencing service and talk to them about options for wood fences.