Three Fencing Tips For Security And Privacy

If you are looking at installing a fence around your yard to improve privacy and security, then you need to make sure that the type you choose will actually provide both of these things. Not all fencing is created equally or for the same purpose, which is why it is important to understand your options. The following guide can help you narrow down your options and make the most suitable choice for your needs.

Tip #1: Opt for closed pickets

Open and closed pickets both have their benefits when it comes to security. Open pickets means your neighbors still can see into your yard, which makes it more likely that they will see and report anything suspicious. On the other hand, the bad guys may be a little more nervous climbing a closed picket fence if they can't be sure of what is on the other line. Where privacy is important, such as around outdoor seating areas or off-bedroom patios, install a closed picket, solid panel vinyl fence. In areas where privacy is not as important, you may decide to install an open picket vinyl or aluminum fence.

Tip #2: Choose a "hard to climb" design

Design matters, since the wrong design may make it easier for intruders. Solid panel fences tend to be very difficult to climb because there are no exterior footholds. If you decide to go with individual pickets, then make sure that the support boards are installed on the inside of the fence so you don't make it easy for someone to climb over it from the outside. You can also purchase decorative finials that have a sharp top, further making the fence hard to vault over. Another option, particularly for vinyl solid panel fencing, is to install a roll bar on top. This bar isn't obvious, but it does make it difficult to impossible to climb over the top.

Tip #3: Consider durability

Finally, don't overlook the durability of a fence. Even the best constructed wood fence, for example, can be damaged or even have pickets ripped off by a dedicated vandal or intruder. Wire or chain fences can be cut through, nor do they provide much privacy. Vinyl and aluminum, on the other hand, are difficult to damage. Further, these materials require minimal maintenance, which will free up your time.

A fence is only has strong as it's construction, so it's important that you approach a professional fence installation to choose the fencing materials and arrange for installation.