Signs Your Fence Gate Needs To Be Replaced And How It's Done

The gate on your fence probably gets a lot of use, and that can lead to wear-and-tear over the years. The gate may start sagging and be difficult to open or close. Plus, if you have a wood fence, the gate can just wear out over time due to degradation of the wood. Parts like hinges can break or rust out. It's important to keep up with gate repairs so you can keep your dogs in the yard and keep intruders out. Sometimes, gate repairs are not possible, and it's best to replace the gate. Here's how to tell if you need a gate replacement and how it's done.

When To Replace Your Fence Gate

If your fence is sagging, it can often be repaired with an anti-sag device or by replacing the hinges. However, that may not work if the problem is in the gate posts and not the gate itself. If you're not sure why your gate isn't hanging level, then let a fencing company take a look. It may be that the posts need to be replaced.

If the gate of your fence faces water sprinklers or full sun, it may wear out faster than the back of your fence that has more protection. When the wood in the gate deteriorates, it gets weak. That makes it easier for someone to kick through the wood. The pickets might get loose and move from their position, and that could allow your dog to move them around and escape. Your gate should always be strong with sturdy, straight pickets so it can do its job of protecting your property.

How A Gate Is Replaced

If the posts need to be replaced, then the old ones have to be removed first. This involves busting up the concrete that holds the posts in place and removing all of the concrete too. Then, new posts are put in the holes along with new concrete. Your fencing contractor may wait a day to allow the concrete to get hard before adding the new fence.

When replacing a new fence, it's important to buy the exact size as the old one so it fits in the space between the posts. Then, the fence has to be hung with hinges so the fence is level and it swings freely. The locking mechanism is then added to hold the gate in place and can be locked if you want extra security. The important aspects of replacing a gate are to make sure the posts are level and securely anchored, and to line up the gate correctly so it's secure, level, and swings properly. While the steps sound simple, they can be frustrating and difficult to carry out unless you are used to making home repairs. You don't want a fence with a lopsided gate, so if you're not confident in your ability to replace it, then call a fencing professional for trusted gate replacement services near you.