2 Signs Your Yard's Old Wooden Fence Needs Replacing

If your property is surrounded by an old, wooden fence, you may have once loved the nostalgic feel that it once added to your landscape. However, now that it is starting to look worn, you may be wondering if it is time to switch it out for a newer fence. If you are still trying to decide, look for the following signs that your old fence is in need of replacing.

1. Cracks Are Present on More Than a Couple of Boards

When trying to decide whether or not to replace your old wooden fence, take a walk along the fencerow so you can inspect the condition of the boards. If you see one or two boards that have cracks in them, these could easily be replaced without having to tear down the entire fence and start over.

However, if cracks are present on more than just a couple of boards, it may be better to simply replace the entire fence. Not only would it possibly cost as much to replace multiple boards, but the mixture of old and new wood would not be very attractive. And, since cracks indicate damage, you may not be seeing the full extent of their impact on the structure of your fence.

2. Connections Are Becoming Loose and Difficult to Refasten

While you are checking out the boards, you should also take a look at the connections between them. Depending on how the fence was constructed, the boards and posts may be held together with nails, screws, or even heavy wire. As you come to each connection, give it a gentle shake to see if it is loose. If it is, you can attempt reconnecting the boards with new fasteners. However, the condition of the boards and posts will impact your ability to do so.

If the wood that lies between the connections has started to weaken and rot, you may not be able to refasten the connections of the fence easily. Even if you are successful in reattaching a nail or screw, the wood in which they entered is still next to the weaker part, which means they will eventually become loose again. If your old wooden fence is exhibiting the above signs, you should seriously consider having it replaced before part or all of it falls down. If you are ready to replace it, contact a fence contractor to discuss your options for having it done, as well as guidance on which materials to use if you are ready for a change.