4 Custom Fence Designs To Give Your Backyard A Unique Look

Fences can be made from many different materials, but the conventional fences use wood or metal chain link materials that are often boring to many homeowners. Therefore, you may want to consider a custom fence for your backyard that gives you more design options. The following are some custom fence designs that will give your backyard and outdoor living space a more unique look:

1. Asian-Themed Backyard Living Space Using Bamboo Fencing Materials

The backyard living space of your home is an area where you may want to use a theme for the design. Asian garden themes are great for outdoor living space, which can be accented with structures and bamboo fencing materials.

2. Contemporary Fence Design Using Wood Slats with Composite Lumber Materials

Contemporary fence designs are often made of modern materials, but they can also be made of natural wood materials. Wood slat fences with a horizontal design look great with contemporary architecture and can be made from tropical or composite lumber materials. The composite lumber option is great for using green materials for your modern design, which are a low-maintenance alternative to natural lumber.

3. Combining Metal and Glass to Create A Modern Fence with Unique Style

Metal is a great material to use for an outdoor fence because it is durable and easy to install. It can be combined with a framed section made of wood and which include glass features. This is a great way to create a modern fence for homes with a more contemporary style. The glass can also include backlighting that helps illuminate outdoor spaces at night with unique lighting features that are incorporated into the design of your custom fence.

4. Masonry and Stone Fences That Give You A Durable Custom Fence for Outdoor Spaces

One of the most durable materials that can be used for outdoor spaces is masonry. You can build many different types of custom fences with stone or brick, which can be half height and combine other materials, or they can be tall fences that give your privacy. You may also want to incorporate things like hardscaping and seating into the design of a masonry fence to add more attractive and practical features to your outdoor spaces.

These are some custom fence design ideas that will give your backyard a unique look. If you are ready to update or install a fence in your backyard, contact a fence contractor and talk to them about some of these design ideas for your new custom fence.