Considering A New Fence? Why Choose Vinyl

With all the different fencing materials out there, it can feel overwhelming to make a decision on which one to use. You may be stuck on the idea of having a traditional wooden fence, want a more elegant wrought iron variation, or be looking to stay within your budget. Here are some reasons to go with PVC vinyl fencing for your yard.

Minimal Maintenance

Home maintenance is something that you likely do not enjoy doing, so why do you want a wood fence around your home that will require painting or staining to keep the wood in great shape? The nice thing about vinyl is that it requires minimal maintenance over the years to keep it in good condition. It doesn't require a coating to waterproof the material, and washing the fence is completely optional. You can wash it down if it's dirty, but leaving it dirty is not going to create damage from the dirt being left on the surface. It's one less thing to worry about around your home.

Kid and Pet Safe

When it comes to fencing material, you want something that is going to hold up to all the abuse it takes from your pets and kids playing in your backyard. Know that vinyl material is not going to become damaged if a ball hits the fence, so it can take quite a bit of wear and tear that come from backyard games. As far as your pets are concerned, the need to not apply a sealant to the material means that those chemicals will be kept away from pets in your backyard. It will be a safe choice for everyone that's around the fence, no matter what activity they are doing.


If you are concerned about the impact the fence makes on the environment, know that a vinyl fence is eco-friendly. Vinyl fencing is constructed with recycled materials, rather than sourcing new materials from the earth. You also won't need to spray chemicals on the fence to protect it from water, which is another way it is safe for the environment.


Know that vinyl fencing can be customized how you want it to best fit with your yard. There are many types of patterns and colors to pick from, unlike wood where you are quite limited. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization, so do not assume you can't get vinyl fencing in the style that you want.