Exploring Fencing For Your Dog Boarding Business: Two Options To Consider

When you want to open a dog boarding business or kennel, you want to be sure that there is plenty of room for dogs to roam, run, play, and rest. Outdoor space is equally as critical as indoor space, especially since the dogs need the outdoors as their "restroom." If you bought the ideal property, but it needs some fencing to make it safe enough for the dogs you intend to board, you need to weigh your fencing options carefully. Here are two options for you to consider, as well as why they work. 

Business Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fencing is practically perfect for dog boarding and kennel businesses. The fencing itself is extremely durable, and even the biggest of dogs can bounce off of it and not damage it. If you opt for taller chain link fencing, between eight and twelve feet high, not even a full-grown Great Dane can leap over it.

Better still, you can utilize the same fencing company and chain link fencing materials to build several outdoor kennels for dogs that either do not get along with other dogs but need outdoor time, or dogs that are sick or carrying pests (e.g., fleas) and need to be quarantined from all of the other dogs in the center. As for digging under a chain link fence, that is difficult for a dog to do, unless it left alone outside for several hours, and most kennels do not do that. Also, dog collars tend to get caught on the chain links if a dog does manage to dig under the fencing and try to wriggle underneath, thereby preventing the dog from going far. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a reasonably good secondary option to chain link fencing. You can install panels that are tall enough, and if a dog decides to lift its leg against the fence, so to speak, a pressure washer easily cleans the urine from the vinyl. If a dog kicks up dirt against the fence while running or digging, it is still easy to clean. The one downside to vinyl fencing for a dog boarding center is that it does not have the flex or give that chain link fences do. If a really big dog rams a panel, the dog may bounce off, but the dog may also be injured as a result of the rigidity found in vinyl fencing. 

Talk with a fencing expert to get a vinyl or business chain link fence installation for your property.