3 Types Of Metal Railings

Railings are used for a variety of purposes, from acting as a decorative design around stairs and decking to providing a safety barrier to prevent people from slipping and falling. Metals are most commonly used for railings because of their unique benefits. However, not all metals are created equal. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks associated with three of the most common types of metal railings can help you figure out the one that is the best fit for your construction project. [Read More]

Three Ways To Maintain A Chain Link Fence

Though requiring much less maintenance than other fencing materials due to their relatively small size and simple construction, chain link fences are not indestructible. Weather conditions and other outdoor variables can affect the condition of your fence, degrading its ability to keep animals out (and pets in) and reducing the aesthetic appeal of your fence. Thankfully, there are a few relatively simple things that can be done to make sure that your chain link fence remains in the best condition possible for as long as possible. [Read More]

2 Signs Your Yard's Old Wooden Fence Needs Replacing

If your property is surrounded by an old, wooden fence, you may have once loved the nostalgic feel that it once added to your landscape. However, now that it is starting to look worn, you may be wondering if it is time to switch it out for a newer fence. If you are still trying to decide, look for the following signs that your old fence is in need of replacing. [Read More]

Signs Your Fence Gate Needs To Be Replaced And How It's Done

The gate on your fence probably gets a lot of use, and that can lead to wear-and-tear over the years. The gate may start sagging and be difficult to open or close. Plus, if you have a wood fence, the gate can just wear out over time due to degradation of the wood. Parts like hinges can break or rust out. It's important to keep up with gate repairs so you can keep your dogs in the yard and keep intruders out. [Read More]