How To Make Your Backyard Peaceful With Fencing And Natural Barriers

Do you live on a busy road and are struggling to find ways to make your yard more peaceful? If so, know that the fencing or natural barrier solution you use can actually help dampen the sound. Here are some options to consider that will cut down on nearby noise pollution.

Solid Wood

A solid wood fence can be a great way to cut down on noise from nearby roads, but there are some types of wood that perform better than others. You want to pick a dense wood, like redwood or cedar, that will actually help block and absorb noise. A solid barrier is going to do a great job of cutting down how much noise passes through when you're sitting behind the fence. However, a wood fence does require some maintenance in terms of sanding and staining over time. 

Vinyl or Composite Fencing

Another material that will perform great is vinyl or composite fencing. The materials are known for being incredibly durable, as well as requiring minimal maintenance over the years, which makes it a great option if you are not a fan of wood. These fences are available as solid panels and do wonders when it comes to blocking out nearby sound. 

High Fencing

It is worth looking into how high you can make a fence according to your local building codes because a high fence can play a big role in blocking out unwanted sound. You may find that fences along the back of your home can be the tallest, fences along the side fall in the middle, and front yard fences are the shortest. Maximizing the height of the fence wherever possible will make things quieter in your yard.


If the fence itself is not doing the trick, more can be done by adding landscaping to either side of the fence. Large bushes can act as a natural sound barrier and decrease the amount of sound waves that pass through. You may even want to plan for the foliage when installing your fence since setting the fence slightly back from the property line allows you to surround the fence with bushes on the outside. Even more foliage can be planted on the inside as well for additional sound-damping properties. 

These are just a few ways to minimize sound with your fencing and landscaping. Reach out to a fencing company in your area if you need help with installing a brand-new fence.  

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