Creating A Safe And Fun Outdoor Play Area With Fencing

When you have kids, you probably spend as much time worrying that they're OK as you do enjoying time with them. If you're considering fencing in a piece of your property to create a safe play area for the kids, you're going to have lots of opportunities to get creative and give the kids a space that they'll truly enjoy. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you plan and finish the outdoor play area for your kids.

Type of Fencing

In many cases, the best type of fencing for play areas is privacy-style fencing. This is for two reasons – the kids can't lose their toys between the fence posts and the kids won't be as tempted by what's on the other side of the fence.

What material of fencing you'll choose depends on how much work you plan to put into keeping it looking great. If you invest in quality vinyl or PVC fencing, you'll experience the durability of wood without having to spend a few days each spring pressure washing and sealing the fence. If you opt for real wood, you will have to do that, plus you'll have to keep an eye on the posts for rot, insect problems and mildew growth.

Fence Additions

Instead of leaving the fencing panels blank, you can hang things on them to create fun activities for the kids. There are lots of ideas floating around the internet of what you can do, but to give you an idea, think about hanging some gutters in different directions so that they tie together. The kids can dump water in one end and watch as the gutters carry the water to the end.

Another idea is creating vertical gardens. You can hang small buckets on the fencing and put small flowers or herbs in them to grow. You can also do this same thing with gutters that are mounted level onto the side of the fencing.

You can also hang basketball hoops – or buckets – on the fence to create a game. Or maybe paint a large sheet of wood with chalkboard paint to create a huge chalkboard for the kids to color on.

The key to making it possible to utilize the fencing as entertainment options for the kids is to ensure that the footers are deep enough in the ground so that the posts can support the added weight and strain of the activities on the fencing.

Talk with your fencing contractor, such as Crown Fence Co, to find out more about creating a fun and safe outdoor play area for your kids to enjoy.