The Classic And Popular Wood Fence Could Be A Good Option For Your Yard

There are several options in fencing, so you might wonder which one is the right choice for your yard. First, you'll need to decide if you want a privacy fence or one you can see through. If it's privacy you're after, then a wood fence is a good choice. Here are some benefits of choosing wood fencing.

Wood Fencing Offers Complete Privacy

Some wood fences, even those made from privacy panels, have small gaps between the boards so you can see movement on the other side. This could be a problem if it upsets your dog or if you don't like the idea of people looking through your fence. The solution is to talk to a fence company about the right style of fence that gives you complete privacy. One option is a shadow box fence. This type of fence has two layers of pickets that are staggered so they overlap a little. This blocks all gaps so no one can see through the fence.

A shadow box fence is even more attractive than a traditional fence, and since it has two layers, it is stronger and that could be desirable if you have a big dog. Whether you want complete privacy, partial privacy, or a decorative style, there's a wood fence that can meet your needs.

Wood Can Be Painted Different Colors

Painting a fence has its pros and cons. You can let the fence age naturally and develop a silver patina or you can paint or stain it. If you like to paint, then you'll enjoy taking care of a wood fence. Wood also gives you the ability to paint artwork on the fence. If you're an artistic person or if you want to hire an artist to paint your fence, your fence can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for your property with the right colors and images painted on it.

Wood Fences Are Affordable

One reason wood fences are so popular is because they are one of the least expensive types of privacy fencing. Of course, the price range varies according to the type of wood you choose. Pressure-treated lumber is an economical material while you can expect to pay more for cedar or redwood. Many factors go into the cost of a fence such as material used, style of the fence, the terrain of your yard, and the length of the fence. One way to help control the cost is to have a basic pressure-treated pine fence installed. Even though it is a less costly investment, it will still provide you with privacy, look nice, and keep your pets and kids in the yard.

For more information, contact a fence company near you.