Three Layers To Home Security

When it comes to home security, you will have an easier time keeping your house secure and knowing what needs to be done if you think about your home security in layers, like the layers of a sandwich. You can learn more about creating a good security sandwich by reviewing all of the information detailed right here.

Layer One: Perimeter

The first layer of home security involves the perimeter. One of the best ways for you to secure the perimeter is to have a sturdy fence installed. There are varying opinions on which type of fence is best for security. Here are some thoughts on different types of fences:

Chain link fencing – Chain link is good because it protects the property while allowing the yard and house to be viewable to neighbors, who can serve as your own security guards by phoning the police if they see something happening that seems off to them.

Solid wood fencing – Solid wood is good for not allowing burglars to scope out your home because they won't be able to see through the fence. However, should a risky burglar take their chances, your neighbors won't have any idea that anything is happening.

Wrought iron fencing – Wrought iron is great because it is so strong and nice looking. It allows your neighbors that clear view to help you keep an eye on things, but it also means that perspective burglars also get that same view. An advantage of going with wrought iron fences is that it also adds an ornamental look and there are many options to make it a decorative addition for your yard.

The things listed above should all be considered and then you will need to decide for yourself which fence you feel the best going with.

Layer Two: Property

The second layer of security has to do with protecting the yard. Having a guard dog is a fantastic way you can make sure your yard is protected. Keep in mind, you can have a doggy door that allows the dog to be a part of the family, but they can also run outside and become a protector should they hear something that needs to be investigated.

Layer Three: The House

The third layer is the most important one. This is the layer that protects the most precious things on your property: your family. It is also what protects your belongings.

The third layer takes the help of a locksmith. Ask them to come out, inspect all the entrances and windows, tell you where problems are, then strengthen those areas by replacing locks, installing additional locks, or taking care of the other problem areas as they see fit.